Network Marketing – Generational Gap

generational gap
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Did you know that statistics say no two pens, even if made by the same company and the same factory, can be the same as each other? Well, humans are also not different. Every two people have their own personality and characteristics; their lives have different values and views. And when such differences come into a workplace, nuisance can be generated at times, especially for the generational gap.

generational gap

Thus today we have come up with some important way-outs for you to handle this generational distance and have a peaceful day at work.

Respect Each Other

Age is just a number. So, no matter what number you are in, you should know how to respect each other in the workplace. Despite the position you hold in a company, you should neither feel superior nor inferior to anybody. Your work might differ, but you should learn how to work as a team.

And it is not only about respecting the internal members, but it is also about respecting the customers, who, even after being external members, are a core part of your company. It’s unprofessional to not respect those who are bringing in profit to your business and for whom you are growing in the industry.

Every Idea Matters

Some people act so predominantly in a company that they suppress every other person’s ideas. But that’s so wrong! Every idea, every opinion, every input have their own value. You never know which one your company can touch the sky. Learn the nature of your colleagues, take their ideas, understand and evaluate them to bring the best benefit to your company.

Teamwork for More Productivity

Those school and college days are gone when group projects used to be irritating and competition between classmates. In the professional world, when a project’s success depends on teamwork, it’s more likely for employees to come closer and work cohesively. With different perspectives come different approaches to the project, helping in the betterment of both the project and the company. It will help you to grow your confidence as well because sharing ideas and opinions becomes a must here. Learning to work with a team is inevitable. So, the sooner you learn it, the better it is for you as well as the company.

Evaluate and Train

As we had already mentioned before that no two people are the same, thus you need to have different techniques to train different individuals as well. If A reacts aggressively to a situation, B might react politely. So, study your team well and then move forward to train them in a way that no harm can cause to your company. Make your team goal-oriented, rather than focusing on the methods. Once they understand what their aim is, they themselves can work upon that.

Both old and younger generations have their own value; there can surely be a gap, but there should not be disrespect. Every generation comes with their own knowledge and skills, which, if nurtured, can be adopted by others, as well. So, take care of this gap and grow beyond your egos to keep on flourishing in your career.


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