Young Living Slaps Lawsuit Against dōTERRA

Young Living Slaps Lawsuit Against dōTERRA

June of this year saw network marketing company Young Living file a lawsuit against dōTERRA for copyright infringements, breach of contract, stealing product formulas among others. This stems from allegations that five former employees now working for dōTERRA. Young Living claims that this information was used in the creation of its competitor’s products and business opportunity.

Created in 1994, Young Living has been providing business opportunities with line of essential oil products. In a video released by its founder Gary Young, he outlined the allegations against dōTERRA.

Young Living further stated that these employees violated confidentiality agreements and used the company’s trade secrets and information. These include product formulas, development costs, customer and distributor lists. These in turn was used by dōTERRA a direct competitor and that this actions were prejudicial to the company’s interests.

Young Living also alleges that these former employees have continually denied doing anything wrong while actively concealing the full extent of their actions.

dōTERRA’s official response….

dōTERRA Remains Focused Despite Competitor Claims
We want to make you aware of an issue that has arisen and you may hear discussed.

Young Living has filed a lawsuit against dōTERRA. We have had an opportunity to make an initial review of the complaint and believe it is without merit. Our founders have acted with integrity and honored prior business commitments before starting dōTERRA.

Be assured that we are dedicating the necessary resources to vigorously defend against this suit, and are confident we will prevail.

This will have no impact on our business operations, and we are pleased to report that dōTERRA continues to grow at a record pace, as evidenced by nearly 7000 people who are planning to attend our convention in September.

It’s important to not let an issue like this distract our focus, which appears to be the goal of this Young Living strategy. The company has the legal and financial resources to defend itself, and dōTERRA will not be distracted from its primary goal of sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world.

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