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Seacret Network Marketing Review

Seacret Network Marketing Review

There have been numerous multilevel marketing companies that have come and go and many more slowly transforming to fly-by-night companies. Needless to say, the MLM industry is really full of pitfalls that can trap new and aspiring network marketers.

One of these MLM companies that people should be wary of is the Seacret Network Marketing Company. Seacret is basically an MLM company engaged in providing health and wellness, skin care and related beauty products and services.

Released officially in May of 2011, Seacret is the brainchild of two brothers who migrated from Israel and brought with them the rights to explore, promote and merchandise the minerals and nutrients from the Dead Sea.

There is actually nothing weird or illegitimate with regards to the idea of extracting minerals and nutrients from the Dead Sea in order to produce safe and effective health and wellness products. The doubts with the company surround the payment structure and the overall way the company does business.

Reasons Why Most Seacret Sales Representatives Fail

  • Not enough prospects – one of the main reasons why most sales representatives of Seacret fail is the fact that they don’t have enough prospects to work with. The market for health and wellness products is already saturated, or at least close to being completely saturated.
  • Too much emphasis on the company – the first and foremost rule in selling is that you start with selling yourself – not selling your company. That’s a huge mistake committed by sales representatives of Seacret Network Marketing. They focus too much on selling the company, not themselves.
  • Spending more than earning – network marketing is a business. Hence it’s just right that you spend and invest money unto it. However that does not mean that you spend thousands of dollars in your first month. That’s another common pitfall in network marketing. Most new and aspiring network marketers spend more than what they earn.

In addition to those three reasons why sales representatives of Seacret often fail, there are a number of internal factors that hurt the company.

The Management and Executive Team

The management and executive team of Seacret is also something that you should look into. Unfortunately, the management and executive team of Seacret is not as experienced as the management and executive team of other MLM companies.

Their names does not ring a bell and it is highly unlikely that they have experienced being on the frontline of network marketing. They’re just capitalist which has the money to start such huge business venture.

The Opportunity Presented By Seacret

The opportunity presented by Seacret is also too good to be true – do you think there is something wrong with that? Well, there is. A rule of thumb over the Internet is that if it’s too good to be true, it normally is.

More so, there have been many claims which you can read online, depicting how Seacret delays or sometimes even forfeits payment to its sales representatives. If you’re thinking of joining Seacret, you need to think twice.

Seacret Network Marketing Company – So is it a Scam?

The opportunity presented by Seacret is also too good to be true – do you think there is something wrong with that? Well, there is. A good rule in dealing with any new business is that if it’s too good to be true then you should thread more carefully.

  • valstay

    Kim Willis: YOUR REVIEW IS A FALSE CLAIM; I am an agent for SEACRET.

    Please read this!

    1. “The Management and Executive Team”
    Clearly you do not know the history of this company or the statements you make here would share an 8 year retail history and additionally understand how the transition to network marketing took place 3 years ago.

    2. “Not enough Prospects” WRONG!
    Skincare is a 360 Billion $ Market and expected to rise above $400 billion this year. It addresses health and wellness some of which include; skin issues such as Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, and even brings relief to some suffering RA. For Anti Aging it addresses an audience of Baby Boomers who are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 daily and will continue at that rate for the next 15 years. So as for your comment about a saturated marketplace, WRONG!

    3. “Spending More Than Earning”
    A. The investment is $49.00 to become an agent.
    B. Any serious business owner would add a product pack to share their business: As an OPTION you can purchase any of 4 Product packages starting as low as $150.00 and the highest level pack is $1699.00.
    C. To remain ACTIVE you maintain a “Monthly Replenishment of $50.00/35 BV, AND…that Monthly Replenishment is FREE when you maintain
    4 customers for any 4 week cycle.

    NOTE: The Value of all packages is DOUBLE so at $150.00 you are receiving $300.00 worth of product, and so on. Also Seacret provides each customer with their own PCSuite, thus we as Agents do not need to inventory products, HQ’s does that for us within their warehouse.

    4. “Payment Structure” Seacret’s delay of payments or forfeit of payments”
    We are paid weekly for all Commissions, and Bonuses are paid in full within the week earned with the exception of the top 2 Bonuses which are paid out in 2 installments. We are paid “Daily” for all new VIP Customers on direct deposit to our Seacret Pay Accounts. Again, your claim is WRONG!

    5. “Too much emphasis on the company”
    This industry is about changing lives. Anyone who is successful in this business knows that It starts with understanding that it’s not about YOU as an Agent, Distributor, Coach or Consultant. It is about the person or your audience who is looking to satisfy their own goals whether that is skincare issues and needs or a business goal. This business is about changing lives. Yes my WHY I joined is important but not as important as listening to others who are in need of change in their lives. All they want to know is ‘how can this help me’ so you help them understand the opportunity and how great this company is compared to others in the industry, both product excellence and company core values!

    5. “People Fail”
    The reason people fail in this industry is NOT due to lack of Prospects. It is due to a fear of reaching out to the community, another words everyone else in the world besides their family and close friends, (big prospect list)
    Fear is what holds anyone back and ultimately causes them to give up, usually 3 steps away from success.

    This business takes Personal Development, Spiritual Development and a Determined Natural Ambition. If you are fearful you will fall on your face and fail without those 3 elements,

    NOTE: The misuse of words and spelling errors in your review are indicative of it’s false claim. Honestly this is company character assassination at it’s finest and all wrong, very wrong!

    I invite anyone who reads this to contact me for my take on the Network Marketing Industry, and the business opportunity available in this industry, and in particular how beneficial it is to become a SEACRET Agent.


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