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Pure Romance MLM Review

Pure Romance MLM Review

The field of multilevel marketing predominantly provides health and wellness products and services, specifically food supplements, skin whitening lotions, glutathione, electronic cigarettes and even vacations. But that isn’t always the case.

Pure Romance, a fast-growing Ohio-based MLM company, has challenged the common parlance by offering products that go beyond the health and wellness niche. Pure Romance is a direct selling company engaged in providing highly effective and safe romance and relationship enhancement products. Basically, Pure Romance offers beauty, bath and bedroom accessories – products that can help rejuvenate your relationships in life.

At the same time, Pure Romance provides its sales representatives and consultants with unique earning opportunities. If you are planning to join Pure Romance, you should first weigh the pros and cons of the said MLM business. In order to arrive at a better and more informed decision, below is an overview of Pure Romance MLM.

What exactly is Pure Romance – the pros and cons of uniqueness

As stated above, Pure Romance is not your typical MLM company. Moreover, Pure Romance takes the path less travelled by, at least when talking about the MLM industry. It thrives in a niche that is not proven as of yet. In a sense, Pure Romance is unique and belongs to a league of its own – whether it’s good or bad for the company, it’s up to its leaders and members to define.

Needless to say, uniqueness can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. The uniqueness of Pure Romance can serve as a double-edged sword that can work for or against your MLM business.

Pure Romance’s products and/or services

Pure Romance offers products and services that are seemingly foreign to most MLM companies these days. Pure Romance offers a wide range of basic products in the beauty niche such as essential oils, lotions, lip gloss, body moisturizers, perfume and lipstick and those in the bath niche such as foam sponge, facial cleanser and exfoliants, bath and shower gel and shaving cream among others.

In addition to those basic products, Pure Romance also offers products that can stimulate one’s sexual appetite. Some of these products include performance enhancers like oral delight gel and creamy and lubricants, products for games and fantasy play such as handcuffs, blindfold, non-sticky play and BSDM tape and instant position hanging aid to name a few.

Pure Romance’s business model and compensation plan

Pure Romance provides great earning opportunities for businessmen, part-timers and self-employed individuals – actually, anyone who wishes to take part in the organization’s success.

With Pure Romance, you are to host home parties from where you are expected to sell products and recruit new members for the company. According to reliable estimates and averages, an average Pure Romance party generates sales of more or less $500.

Further estimates presented in Pure Romance’s company website show that it’s possible to earn nearly $40,000 annually just y hosting parties three-four times a week.

What makes Pure Romance different from other MLM companies?

Pure Romance is different from other MLM companies in a number of ways. Pure Romance is situated in an industry which is unknown or foreign to the MLM industry. That in itself can work wonders for the success of the company.

Unlike other MLM companies that are often engaged in the health and wellness niche, Pure Romance is in an inhabited niche. Meaning to say, the market is far from being depleted. Hopefully, Pure Romance can establish itself as the industry leader before other MLM companies realize the potential of romance and relationship enhancing industry.

Pure Romance as an MLM business – is joining Pure Romance worth it?

As a business opportunity, Pure Romance has a huge potential. Pure Romance may not be one’s road to vast riches but it’s still worth joining considering the prospect of creating a passive stream of income through the opportunities it provides.


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