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Personalities: Nathan Ricks

Personalities: Nathan Ricks

Considered as a living legend in the MLM industry, Nathan Ricks is arguably one of the best (if not the best) personalities in multilevel marketing today. Over the course of his MLM career, Nathan has generated commissions totaling more than $40 million, placing him among the league of the richest and highest paid multilevel marketers of all time.

Nathan has built a down line consisting of more than 500,000 members and what makes it more impressive is that he did it while staying with just one MLM company. Unlike other MLM leaders, Nathan didn’t jump from one company to another; he stayed with one MLM company – Nu Skin.

What is Nu Skin?

Founded as Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. in 1984, Nathan’s path to vast riches is an MLM company that focuses on providing premium quality anti-aging products both in the form of personal care and nutritional supplements.

Nu Skin operates in 52 countries strategically situated in different parts of the world. Apart from the United States, Canada and UK, Nu Skin has offices located in Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mainland China, Indonesia, Italy, France and the Philippines among others.

Nu Skin has achieved a constant level of success that is unparalleled or at least rare in the MLM industry. In 2010 alone, Nu Skin has generated more than $1.54 billion in revenue – something that’s unheard of with MLM companies.

Founded by business partners Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson and Steve Lund more than 20 years ago, Nu Skin has also built partnerships with some of the biggest names in the MLM industry and that includes Nathan.

Is there a blueprint to achieve the kind of success Nathan achieved?

If Nathan can do it, why can’t you do it? Honestly, Nathan’s success is beyond imagination. Over $40 million in commissions and a down line of over 500,000 people worldwide – such feat only comes once in a blue moon. Nevertheless, that should not discourage you to aim that high. As an old adage says, reach for the moon, land among the stars.

You may not be able to surpass or even match a quarter of the amount of commissions Nathan did, but that doesn’t make you a loser in the MLM business. With such a unique business model and premium quality products, generating a passive stream of income from Nu Skin is achievable.

How to start an MLM career with Nu Skin?

Signing up with Nu Skin might just be your life’s biggest break – for Nathan it was. It’ easy to become a distributor of Nu Skin products and the initial investment is not that much compared to other MLM companies.

Nu Skin will provide you with information about how to effectively and efficiently land sales or how to talk to prospects with confidence – simply put, Nu Skin mentors and teaches potential distributors.

What about Nu Skin’s financial rewards?

Nathan’s level of success is a manifestation of the viability of the financial rewards being offered by Nu Skin. Nu Skin rewards distributors not just based on the sales they generate but as well as based on their leadership.

As a distributor, you can earn up to 30 percent commissions on sales you directly initiated. Similarly, you’ll be rewarded with five percent commissions on your L1 sales volume.

Why Nu Skin?

There are lots of reasons why you should choose Nu Skin over other MLM companies. First and foremost is that Nu Skin helps you to sell effectively. Nu Skin rewards leadership and effective mentoring. Hence, your sponsor will almost always be willing to teach you a trick or two in increasing sales – an art that has been mastered by Nathan.

In addition to the assistance you’ll get from the company, Nu Skin’s products aren’t just produced for the sake of selling. Nu Skin’s products are produced to help fight off aging – an issue that has been growing constantly and has become so contagious these days.


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