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Personalities: Lawrence Tam

Personalities: Lawrence Tam

When it comes to the world of MLM, only a few can be considered trustworthy and one of these people who had made a big splash is Lawrence Tam. Unlike most network marketers, who either has their own MLM Company or who has hidden agendas, Tam is just an ordinary marketer who has achieved success in the MLM industry by leaps and bounds.

While Tam reiterates that selling is the cornerstone of every successful MLM business and not “sharing” as most MLM leaders would say, Tam is actually sharing his knowledge to his audience. He’s not just a seller wanting to sell something but also a giver wanting to share something.

He’s a mentor that helps himself by helping others and a leader who understands the value of trust and teamwork. To put it simple, Tam is as honest as a network marketer could get.

How did Lawrence Tam started in the MLM industry?

Tam doesn’t claim that he was “born” to be a successful network marketer. In fact, Tam entered the MLM industry without any background or experience. Needless to say, Tam’s success in the MLM industry is a product of his own experimentations.

According to his personal website,, he tried different ways of making extra money from home from surveys and sweepstakes to typing at home, eBay selling, affiliate selling and search engine gifts etc.

Tam would later find his niche in the MLM industry in 2006. Tam achieved moderate success in his first MLM venture but he struggled after just six months. From then on, Tam worked on improving his knowledge and learning from the experts in the field of MLM – that’s when success really came knocking.

What makes Lawrence Tam’s success different from the success of other prominent MLM personalities?

There are lots of reasons why Tam’s success is different from the success of other MLM prominent personalities. Obviously, there are also lots of reasons why Tam is different from other prominent MLM personalities.

Tam’s success is as real as it could get. It’s not the type of success that MLM founders achieve – it’s not the type of success wherein you’ll build an MLM company, then saturate the market, then liquidate and run with your money and start another MLM company type.

Tam joined an MLM company and worked his way to reach the top of the ladder. It’s the type of success that 70, 80 or even 90 percent of network marketers are primed for.

What makes a good MLM opportunity?

On his personal website, Tam lists some of the things that make a good MLM opportunity.

According to Tam, there are crucial things that you should look into such as the competition, the products or service and the simplicity or complexity of the selling process.

He also notes that MLM opportunities are different from one another and research is always a must.

Tam also tells the difference between a job and an MLM opportunity. A job, according to Tam, is trading time for money while joining an MLM opportunity is leveraging your time and portion of your MLM’s downline to generate sales volume and to eventually earn income.

Lawrence Tam: A true MLM leader

Without a doubt, Tam is someone whom you can trust. He’s a true MLM leader who not only thinks of his earnings but as well as his followers’ earnings. Tam is the best MLM leader out there because he, just like most network marketers, knows how to fail.

Tam works full-time at his day job – just like you and me and anyone else interested in MLM opportunities. Tam symbolizes the average network marketer – he epitomizes the average network marketer’s highs and lows and he’s accomplished huge success while really network marketing part-time.


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