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Nerium International Review

Nerium International Review

Nerium International is one of the newest and hottest multilevel marketing companies of today. Similar to many MLM companies, Nerium International is engaged in the business of providing safe and proven health and wellness products and operates on a direct sales approach.

The company was founded in August of 2011 and is based in Addison, Texas in the United States. Nerium International focuses on the development of a newly discovered Nerium oleander plant.

Nerium International’s main product is the NeriumAD, a new and advanced skin care product which has been clinically proven to fight off aging and its complications. The NeriumAD is the first of its kind and is made from the Nerium oleander. In fact, a patent was applied and is currently pending regarding the creation of NeriumAD.

Basically, Nerium AD aims to help both men and women fight the effects of aging while at the same time share revenues to sale representatives and members.

Nerium International Management Team

Nerium International boasts a superb management team composed of some of the most renowned names in the field of MLM business.

The company was founded by Jeff Olson (who also serves as the company’s CEO) – the same Jeff Olson who founded the People’s Network and the author of The Slight Edge. Olson is also considered by hardcore multilevel marketers as one of the pillars in the MLM industry.

Co-founder and company president Dennis Windsor also plays an important role in the powerhouse management team. Trevor Schofield, a trusted name in the MLM industry, serves as Senior Vice President of International Operations.

Nerium International also partnered with Nerium SkinCare, a division of Nerium Biotechnology that is involved in developing proven safe and effective oleander-based health and wellness products.

What makes Nerium International different from other MLM companies?

Nerium International is a unique MLM company that thrives on a unique flagship product made from a unique plant discovery. Despite its young age (the company has yet to reach its sixth month,) Nerium International is very promising – something that excites multilevel marketers both rookies and experienced MLM veterans.

The health and wellness industry is also a proven MLM niche that has produced millionaires after another.

Another thing that makes Nerium International different from other MLM companies is that if invest advertising money not just in social media but as well as traditional advertising techniques including television and radio advertising.

Needless to say, it speaks of the vast amount of working capital the company has. Several other advantages of Nerium International include the strength, experience and depth of its management team, the revolutionary product it offers and its fair, ethical and reasonable compensation plan.

How can you make money from Nerium International?

Speaking of its compensation plan, Nerium International introduce a unilevel compensation plan that pays members up to ten levels – something that can be considered fair, ethical and reasonable considering the fact that many MLM companies sell products and/or services that are just plain and downright overpriced.

The Nerium International compensation plan is a time-tested plan that pays 8 percent up to 10 levels. Similarly, several bonuses also form part of the company’s compensation plan including the fast start bonus, the 10 percent personal matching bonus and the Lexus car bonus among others.

Effective mentorship and coaching systems are also employed within the company to ensure that each member increases his/her opportunity to take advantage of the compensation plan and earn money from both individual and collaborative efforts.

Final thoughts on the opportunities provided by Nerium International

Joining Nerium International might just be your gateway to vast riches and financial freedom but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Earning money from Nerium International, just like any other MLM company, requires patience and hard work.

The company can also be classified as a high-risk, high-reward one.

On the other hand, Nerium International provides promising opportunities, concepts and products in an already established industry. It’s important to really weigh the advantages and disadvantages of Nerium International before deciding on whether or not the company is worth joining.

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