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Brian McClure and Ambit Energy Corporation

Brian McClure and Ambit Energy Corporation

Have you wondered what it takes to be successful in the network marketing industry? There have been glaring and depressing statistics screaming out that the chance of succeeding in a network marketing company is so slim – nevertheless, success isn’t impossible and is in fact readily available for those who know and understand the rules of the MLM game.

One of these so-called experts who profited big in the boom of network marketing is Brian McClure of Ambit Energy Corporation.

Ambit Energy Corporation is a privately held oil and gas exploration company that thrives on an MLM structure. The company is considered as today’s fastest rising on its industry, thanks to the constant efforts of top performers particularly the face of the franchise – Brian.

Now if you really want to succeed in the field of network marketing, reading and studying the backgrounds of experts like Brian should be on your list of priorities. Clearly, mimicking what successful people do is a good start towards your own success.

As a native of Austin, Texas, Brian knows how big the energy industry is. Even at a young age, he has been exposed to oil and gas explorations – an experience that paved the way for his eventual success with Ambit Energy Corporation.

As of March 2012, Brian is ranked as the top performer and earner in Ambit Energy’s Electricity and Gas niche. Since his entry to the company, Brian has earned close to half a million dollars. Hence Brian’s name and stature have already been established and go well beyond the Ambit Energy Corporation and throughout the network marketing industry.

The thing that makes Brian successful is his charisma and leadership skills. If you know a thing or two about the industry or even salesmanship in general, you know how important charisma and leadership skills are.

Charisma is the ability to go along well with others. It includes the skill to attract others and make them feel optimistic even despite problems and hindrances. Charisma is the kind of aptitude that really makes the big difference in the long run.

Leadership skills, on the other hand, include the ability to motivate others and to take responsibility for one’s actions. It likewise involves mentorship and coaching – two skills that Brian has mastered over the years.

Brian has created an organization in which leaders are grooming members to be future leaders. Anyone who has spent some time in Ambit Energy knows how effective the mentorship and coaching program Brian incorporated into the company.

However if there is something that really separates Brian with the rest of the “MLM experts crowd “it’s the fact that he’s simply your average network marketer – he’s just you and me, the average business opportunity seeker.

While he may have an occasional say or two with the company’s management and executive team, he is not one of the big shots sitting all day in the office. Brian is a leader who leads by example.

He’s a network marketer – thus, a player’s coach. Brian understands the average network marketer because he started out as an average network marketer.

If you think your goals blend perfectly with Brian and the Ambit Energy Corporation, then what are you waiting for? Being sponsored by Brian is both a pleasure and privilege especially for aspiring network marketers.

  • RiseToProsperity

    The author wrote: “Since his entry to the company, Brian has earned close to half a million dollars.”

    CORRECTION: As of January 2013, Brian is close to half a million dollars PER MONTH… not total. Since his entry to the company, he has earned in excess of $10 million total with Ambit.

    There are also over 15 other people who are 7-figure earners with Ambit, and MANY, MANY more 6-figure earners. And we’re just getting started!


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