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YTB and Monavie Has Top MLM Earners

According to a list released by Direct Selling, top level YTB and Monavie directors are some of the highest earners in the network marketing industry. However, figures for Your Travel Biz International or YTB are from 2007 making them less reliable compare dto the latest numbers released by the other multilevel marketing companies. YTB big shots continue to lead the way as they managed to get hold 5 of the top ten positions with their Level 7 director capturing the top spot earning $292,276 a month or roughly $3.5 million a year.

MLM Company Monavie came in second with two spots at the top ten. It also managed to grab second spot with its Royal Black Diamond position posting an average monthly income of $284, 041 or $3.4 million a year. Xango and Melaleuca were the only networking companies who managed to get 6 figures a month aside from YTB and Monavie. Network marketing giant Amway and Advocare rounded up the top ten with their Diamond positions earning approximately $1 million a year.

These numbers are based on official Income disclosures released by the said companies. There might be a slight confusion because some of the numbers are based on Income disclosures from prior releases and have not been updated. Figures for YTB for example are from 2007. After the company lost some of its steam (some say a 65% drop in sales), the numbers posted may not be an actual representation of what is happening today.

Here’s a list of the top ten earners:

  1. YTB                Level 7 Director                          $292,276/ month
  2. Monavie      Royal Black Diamond                 $284,041/ month
  3. YTB                Level 5 Director                           $264,692/ month
  4. YTB                Level 6 Director                          $249,346/ month
  5. Monavie       Black Diamond Executive        $123,863/ month
  6. Xango             500K                                               $115,475/ month
  7. Melaleuca      Corporate Director                   $108,560/ month
  8. YTB                  Level 4 Director                          $104,010/ month
  9. Amway           Diamond                                        $97,500/ month
  10. Advocare       Diamond                                        $76,922/ month

Figures courtesy of Direct Selling


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