Holton Buggs – How Network Marketing Changed His Life

Holton Buggs – How Network Marketing Changed His Life

Holton Buggs has certainly made a name for himself in the multilevel marketing industry. With a classic storybook rags-to-riches story, it’s no wonder why Buggs is now one of the most successful and well-known figures in the world of network marketing.

From humble beginnings, Buggs was able to climb the proverbial network marketing ladder en route to enjoying not only massive wealth but also prominence within the industry. Buggs made a name for himself with several MLM companies, most notably Organo Gold.

In order to inspire aspiring network marketers, here below is the story that tells how network marketing changed the life of Holton Buggs.

From humble beginnings – growing up in Ponce de Leon projects

Buggs still clearly remembers how difficult his childhood was. Growing up in Ponce de Leon projects in Tampa, Florida with a single parent is tough. As a child, Buggs remembers being dropped at the community daycare center together with other kids as his mother needs to work double time in order to support his growing needs.

Despite the harsh circumstances and the tough environment surrounding Buggs, he did not let those things affect his desire to make a difference in his life. Needless to say, the difficulties that surround him made him a lot stronger. Buggs learned to adapt and started thinking of ways on how to earn money and help his mother.

At the age of 14, Buggs started cutting hair as a way to supplement his mother’s earnings. More so, the first sign of MLM skills came when he got tired of cutting hair and found out a way to leverage his efforts. Buggs bought candy in bulk and recruited people to sell it for him – one of which was his eventual wife, Earlene Lilly.

I am a well-paid engineer but something is lacking

After his graduation from college and eventual entry in the field of engineering, Buggs was able to achieved moderate success. He and his wife then started a furniture shop which enabled them to afford some of life’s luxuries – a beautiful home, a brand new car and annual vacations in and out of the country. Nonetheless, something is still missing – Buggs do not have the luxury of time. That’s when the idea of entering the MLM industry kicks in.

How did it all started – the journey towards MLM success

Buggs did not really have a meteoric rise in the MLM industry. His success is founded on a slow and steady pace. During his first seven years in the industry, Buggs shelled out a measly $500 a month. Everything changed though when he became affiliated with Organo Gold.

With his proven slow and steady approach, Buggs was able to achieve a monthly income of $900,000 a month from the said MLM company.

The four principles of network marketing as told by Holton Buggs

Buggs say that there are four principles of network marketing success – picturing success, finding out what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve success, picking up a good mentor and having a vision.

Buggs is a firm believer that one’s dreams are the catalysts of his success. Hence, dreams play an important role in the success of a person. Secondly, Buggs tells his network marketers that importance of sacrifice – he constantly asks, “what are you willing to give up?”

The third and fourth principles are closely tied with each other. Picking up a mentor who is not only good but who also understands your vision and can mentor you in a tailored way is the way it should be according to Buggs.

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