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Eric Worre Leaves Agel for another Company, Randy Gage Stays

Eric Worre Leaves Agel for another Company, Randy Gage Stays

Eric Worre has been one of the people behind Agel’s success story through the years with a proven track record of success in the network marketing world. He has made millions for the company and was a major driving force propelling the company’s success.

The news is that Eric Worre, one of Agel’s biggest distributors is leaving Agel and heading for another MLM Company. It appears that Send Out Cards a network marketing company will be the recipient of Eric Worre’s services.

Randy Gage is another success story who made his millions in the MLM industry. His story is that of a dishwasher turned into a multi-millionaire and has since moved on to be one of the most admired figures in the network marketing industry. A bit of good news for Agel, after all that has been happening recently with the company, Randy Gage has confirmed he is staying with the company.

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